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Late last week, based on additional feedback from WesChat list members, we reverted the recent change to WesChat’s headers. Several regular readers/contributors noted that the changes made the list harder to use: to such an extent that it was worse than the original problem. When we made the header change a few weeks ago we […]

Updated CAPTCHA for login errors

The CAPTCHA widget that appears if you mistype your login credentials has been updated and moved closer to the top of the page. The new version asks for two numbers instead of two words. We think these changes will make it easier to notice the CAPTCHA if it pops up, and to provide the correct […]

If you see “The code you entered is not valid” when trying to log in to Wesconnect, even when using the correct username and password, check for a red CAPTCHA box at the bottom of the screen. You will also need to enter the words displayed in the CAPTCHA where it says “Type the two […]